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Budwig Protcol Part 2

She has been referred to as a top European Cancer Research Scientist, Biochemist, Blood Specialist, German Pharmacologist, and Physicist.  She is known and highly respected around the world as Germany's premier biochemist.  Her name, is Dr. Johanna Budwig.
In the 1950's seven-time Nobel Prize nominee and biochemist, Dr. Johanna Budwig developed her "Oil-Protein" Diet to combat cancer. In following the work of Dr. Otto Warburg (himself a Nobel Prize winner) she studied how cancer cells are anaerobic- this means they cannot live in an oxygen rich environment. Instead, they rely on GLUCOSE (sugar) to survive (this is the reason that people with cancer should avoid sugar as much as absolutely possible -- because sugar FEEDS cancer).  Even though Dr. Warburg understood this, he passed away before he was able to find a way to restore the anaerobic cancer cell to its original aerobic, healthy state. This is where Dr. Budwig came in.
Picking up where Dr. Warburg left off, Dr. Budwig discovered the reason why our healthy cells become anaerobic in the first place.  According to her, it is quite simple:  Basically, in order for our bodies' cells to process oxygen as fuel, they need certain enzymes to be present in the fat content of the foods we eat.  However, because so much of the Standard American Diet (SAD diet) consists of chemically-treated, processed, sugar-laden, denatured foods, the necessary enzymes our bodies require for cellular respiration have been destroyed and in some cases even replaced by manufactured fats (i.e. trans fats) which are completely useless to the body.  Over time, this sets up a whole host of problems from heart disease, to skin and lung problems, to brain and liver problems, to diabetes and immune deficiency syndromes, to cancer and more!  Simply put, to remain HEALTHY, our cells NEED to be able to process oxygen, and the Budwig diet provides this! ...but HOW?

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