Bhadas ब्लाग में पुराना कहा-सुना-लिखा कुछ खोजें.......................


श्रद्धा और विश्वास की जीत

इस महान पुस्तक के बारे में आपको एक छोटी सी बात बताना चाहती हूँ। पिछले दिनों मेरे ब्रेस्ट में एक बड़ी गांठ हुई, स्पाइन में भी कई जगह बहुत दर्द रहने लगा। मेरा चेकअप हुआ। तीन एम.आर.आई. स्केन करवाए गए। डॉक्टर्स को पूरा शक था कि मुझे कैंसर हुआ है। एम.आर.आइ. स्केन की रिपोर्ट आने में समय था। तभी मैंने अमेज़ोन से डॉ.ओ.पी.वर्मा की पुस्तक कैंसर कॉज़ एंड क्योर मंगवाई। यह मेरे लिए ईश्वर का एक तोहफ़ा था। मैं डरी हुई थी और अपने उपचार की तैयारी कर रही थी। एक रात को मैं परेशान थी और नींद भी नहीं आ रही थी। तभी मैं उठी और अपनी प्यारी पुस्तक को सीने से चिपका लिया। मुझे लगा जैसे मैं बडविग की बाहों में हूँ और उनके शरीर से निकले इलेक्ट्रोन्स मुझे ठीक कर हे हैं। मैं जानती थी कि बडविग महान है और वे ही मुझे जीवन दे सकती है। यह सोचते-सोचते पता ही नहीं चला कब मेरी आँख लग गई। दूसरे दिन डॉक्टर ने मुझे बताया कि मुझे कोई कैंसर नहीं है। मैं बहुत खुश थी। मुझे इस पुस्तक की ताकत पर भरोसा था। मैं बडविग और उनकी क्वांटम फिजिक्स से बहुत प्रभावित हूँ। ऐसी बेमिसाल पुस्तक लिखने के लिए मैं डॉ. ओ.पी.वर्मा की बहुत आभारी हूँ। दोस्तों, आज मैं परी की तरह हवा में उड़ रही हूँ। 
मेरेडिथ गुडरिच, न्यू फील्ड्स   यह सचमुच गौरव और प्रसन्नता की बात है। अलसी मैया की विशेष अनुकंपा है। मेरी पुस्तक कैंसर – कॉज़ एंड क्यौर एमेजोन पर सफलता के नई उँचाइयां छू रही है और बहुत प्रशंसा एवम् प्रतिक्रिया बटोर रही है। नित नई कहानियां सामने आ रही हैं। किताब को पूरी श्रद्धा से सीने से लगाने और डॉ बडविग के प्रति पूरी भक्ति रखने मात्र से सारी रिपोर्ट्स ठीक आई, जबकि पूरी पूरी संभावना थी कि गुडरिच को ब्रेस्ट और हड्डियों में कैंसर पूरी तरह फैल चुका है। अलसी मां और बडविग मां ने उसे जीवन दान दिया है। सचमुच दिव्य है यह पुस्तक। यह खुशी मैं आपके साथ साझा करने में आनंद महसूस कर रहा हूँ।
मेरेडिथ गुडरिच 
न्यू फील्ड्स, न्यू हैम्पशायर  

बडविग कैंसर चिकित्सा की इस महान पुस्तक को आप सीधे हमसे या पोथी.कॉम से खरीद सकते हैं 
Dr. O.P.Verma
M.B.B.S., M.R.S.H.(London)
7-B-43, Mahaveer Nagar III, Kota Raj. 

Most Helpful Customer Reviews for this book

This is the best book on Budwig protocol i know of! Its hard to read original Burwig books as they are not translated well and seem complicated. Here you are given exact details of Budwig protocol which seems to be the most natural protocol and rellly easy to follow. The book also suggests some more natural methods of helping your body fight off cancer. I would highly recomend this book for someone who is affected by cancer or whose relative or friend is fighting it. It is very encouraging and gives hope as well as amazes you on how easily curable cancer can be despite all the scares that traditional mesicine and doctors put on you. Stay strong and believe in Gods given natural medicine which is in plants all around us!
Format: Kindle Edition
I have to say that I'm so impressed by Dr. Om's knowledge and research and strong efforts in promoting the Budwig Diet in India as well as around the world! He explains the oil-protein diet in incredible details, and focuses not only on writing but illustrating, teaching and producing instructional videos as well. His work has helped numerous people worldwide and helped so many understand the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. 
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Dr. O. P. Verma's book is highly recommended to every cancer patient and to anyone interested in prevention of cancer.
The book is a very thorough and easy readable introduction to Dr. Johanna Budwig's method, which starts with bringing oxygen to the cells and energy to the body.
The book gives a lot of supplemental possibilities to fortify the method and bring it into a modern perspective.
The language used is formed by Dr. O. P. Verma's clinical experience and his contact with Mr. Lothar Herneise, who was educated by Dr. Johanna Budwig, and he has found a balance between explanations and transparency.
The book supports the 3E-Program developed by Lothar Herneise.
Eat well (Raw Organic Diet)
Eliminate toxins (Detoxification)
Energy (Balance the flow of life force)
It also contains: Eldi oil, Coffee Enema, Epsom bath, Sun Therapy, Energy Healing, Budwig-Compatible Natural Alternatives to Pain Medication, Remedy for Bone pain.
Several methods to strengthen the spirit, as emotional problems must be overcome.
Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer's astonishing discovery of a emotional trauma - brain - cancer connection is nicely explained.
A dozen important herbs are highlighted and their positive impact described.
The chapter about Ligians gives flax seeds a unique position. Ligian health benefits extend beyond hormone-dependent breast cancer, osteoporosis, and prostate cancer to include brain function, cardiovascular disease, immune function, inflammation and reproduction.
The chapters about omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids and corresponding Series 1, 2, 3 prostaglandins contain vital information also expressed with unusual clarity.
This is the best book on Budwig Protocol
The information provided in this book is both true and well explained. The Budwig protocol is the single most effective treatment for cancer patients, as well as those suffering from a wide range of other chronic diseases. In fact, healthy people will notice an immediate benefit from simply combining high quality (preferably organic) refrigerated flax seed oil with cottage cheese in a high speed hand blender and consuming it daily.
It's interesting to learn why this combination is effective. What's happening is actually a chemical change bonding of sulfurated protein and the oil. When combined with the sulfurated protein, the oil actually becomes water soluble. This is incredibly important because it allows the electron and lignan rich omega-3 fatty acids to penetrate the tissues, where they exponentially increase the ability of the cells to attract oxygen from the blood stream.
Lothar Hirneise strongly supports holistic and spiritual approach and includes Visualization, Meditation and Detoxification in his 3 E Program. Author has covered all these therapies in detailed. He explained other subjects related to cancer e.g. EFT, stress management, herbs, herbal teas and Essiac tea etc.
This is an interesting book. A lot of the ideas seem pretty farfetched and some of the cures use strange ingredients, but there are also some good ideas and things that are definitely worth knowing. Dr. Budwig and Ms. Caisse had some impressive cures but it would be difficult to follow their recommendations in 21st century America

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