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Bjp has crossed all levels of Hypocrisy

In my view  there should be a limit to hypocrisy and fascism. Congress is just standing as a mute spectator. Bjp has crossed all levels of Hypocrisy. It has banned Beef in many of indian  states. It is isolating and mob lynching Muslims who are rumored to have eaten Beef. My question to  phadnivis is,  if a muslim is found eating or carrying beef , He would be sent to jail.

But those Christian Multinational companies owners and workers who  are beef eaters, so phadnavis should ban all multinational companies operating in Bombay. All foreign companies employees in Bombay should be send to jail for 7 years directly or  for abetting Cow slaughter in Christian countries. Modi hugged Obama forcibly . But  Obama is a Beef eater. Which means, Obama ate  Gaw Mata and modi congratulated Obama forcibly for being a Beef eater.

So cow brigades may  mob lynch modi,   just like they mob lynch Indian Muslims. India has diplomatic relations with Europe, UK , Gcc countries , Africa , Australia  and America etc are all beef eating and beef loving countries. So india should call all its Ambassadors back  from these countries, until they ban beef eating in their countries. Modi  should ban all  companies in india,   from all Beef eating countries. If you can siege property or burn property of a Muslim if he eats beef, Then modi should order Rss to burn down all Multinational companies in India.

You hate Muslims because we eat less than 100 grams of beef per day. You love Every Christian Country, whose citizens eat minimum 500 grams to 1 kg   of Beef, in the form of steak  or burger,  in a day . Why ? You are insulting Gaw Mata by befriending Christian countries. modi visited US, UK, Europe, GCC Muslim Countries and many European countries.  May be modi wanted to reward these  Gaw Mata eating countries.

We Muslims whenever we slaughter a cow or sheep , we make sure that all the blood in the animal is drained out, Halal cutting. So we eat only beef or mutton , and not drink gaw mata’s blood. But in US, UK, EUROPE  they do military cutting of Cow, because of which blood remains inside the beef . So these Christian countries eat not only Gaw Mata, but they also drink Gaw Matas blood. So why is Modi visiting and inviting Gaw Mata eaters to India. why?

If we Indian Muslims eat less than 100 grams of meat in a day , we are to be mob lynched  or send to jail for 7 years. Or imprisoned  for life. But when these Christian countries  not only eat beef but also dring cows blood, and  Bjp leaders wash their feets. why? So all indian courts and Supreme courts should lift beef ban in all indian states or ask bjp government to cut off all diplomatic relations with these beef eating  countries .

Don’t you think there should a limit to hypocrisy of a party which is running government in India, regarding Beef? I hope Beef ban is lifted in all indian states or diplomatic relation with all beef eating countries should be cut off , until they also Ban beef in their countries and send beef eaters to 7 years in prison or mob lynch them.

Bjp should export  rss or cow brigades to Christian countries to mob lynch beef eater Christians. We Indian  Muslims are not going to die, if we don’t eat beef. But indian gov should import 5 lakh sheep per month into india , to bring mutton price down  to rs 100 per kg. When will these policy of dividing indian hindus and muslims on silly matters come to an end ?

You are most welcome to kill me , because atleast I deserve a respectful death or you think I don’t deserve a respectful death also . Now Rowlatt act . Do you think Rowlatt act was good for Indians , No. Rowlatt act allowed britishers to imprison Indians without any reason or crime  and with out any trail. Present indian laws are doing the same to Indian Muslims, what rowlatt act did to Indians decades back. So what is the difference between you and britishers.

An umemployed indian .
take care

MD Rizwan S

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