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Stop insulting Bharat Mata, Stop raping Womens because of their Religion

Are you a Muslim Women? Do you eat beaf ? If yes, then few people belonging to hindu community would gangrape you, They will gang rape your daughters, who are under aged. Those arrested for murder or rape would soon be liberated. This is india, a country where idols of women are worshipped by hindus. But when it comes to Muslim womens they are free to rape them.

In my view if you rape a women , because of her religion , then it is like raping Bharat Mata. If you gang rape a women because of her religion, it is like gang raping Bharat mata. Similarly when you mob lynch a man by undressing him and then beating him to death, Shows what sort of respect you think indian women deserve. Even if you don’t show the mob lynching of man on tv , but you nakedly parade him through the streets of any city, shows what you think of women of that city or state.

Don’t Rape Bharat Mata, Don’t rape or gang rape Women , just because she is a Muslim. If you get angry , because I am writing for Muslim womens of india, then ok, kill be with bullets , throw my body into Arabian sea, where sharks would rip my body into pieces. But Stop insulting Womens in the name of Religion. They are also human beings like Men, If you cant respect them , atleast don’t rape them because of their religion.

MD Rizwan S

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