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EC ban pre elections opinion polls, exit polls, surveys to save Democracy

Election Commission of India is Backstabbing Mother India, in the name of Of Opinion/Exit or polls. Election commission should ban pre election Exit or Opinion polls completely, not only for this election in 5 states, but in all states till 2019 and also Lok Shabha 2019 Elections Completely. Reason is political party b is Supported by Business men. These business men pay money to all newspapers, news channels to show party B winning maximum number of seats in pre election exit and opinion polls.

Indians have a typical mentally, which forces them to always cast votes to Winning party, so B party would win elections very easily. For example, take UP polls. Since all news channels would show B party winning all 4 states plus winning maximum no of seats in UP in exit or opinion polls, UP people would vote party B, instead of voting, Congress, BSP, SP , RJD, JDS, Communist party etc etc.

So B party would win UP elections and opposition party would loose all 5 states. So Election commission should ban opinion polls or exit polls or any sort of election polls within three days . if they don’t, then Congress, Bsp, SP, JDS, Communist party, TMC, Rjd etc etc should do hunger strike in front of President’s residence and office, until EC cancels all sorts of opinion polls and exit polls completely.

Free and fair elections are possible only after exit and opinion polls are banner, mr election Commissioner. It is a very good game. Ambani, Adani, birla , Sahara bribe news channels, news papers, independent orgs to show party B winnning  in all 5 states. After winning elections B party favours these Business groups withy gov contracts, most importantly waves off thousands of crores of their bank loans, plus it already gave rs 70000 crores to a particular telecom arm of a business company to launch free mobile and internet services, with tax payers hard earned money. Very nice game.

On one side we Indians deposit money in Banks, and we cant withdraw more than Rs  4500 per day from our own money, and on other side banks Would write off 4.5 lack crores of loans taken by business groups which support B party. This is how india would progress. If gov is clean then it should force all companies whose loans were waived off by banks in 2014, 2015,2016 at the rate of 60000 crores per year, to pay back. Why a particular company was given rs 70000 crores to launch free mobile, internet scheme.

Gov uses our money to destroy us. Gov is now giving cash prize on use of mobile or internet or card transaction worth 250 crore. Whose money is this 250 crore. It is tax payers money, you are taking tax payers money from 120 crore Indians to pay cash prize to some 1000 indians, great !!! India can progress only when businessmen dont interfere in elections, When billionaire defaulters are send to jail, and when exit polls and opinion polls are completely banned in India.

Indian gov, Indian army should immediately attack Pakistan with 200 Nuclear bombs, 2000 missiles , and break Pakistan into pieces. ( don’t kill humans otherwise you would be answerable on the day of Resurrection.) If you want to kill all 20 crore Pakistanis be my guest, but I am not responsible for their deaths. Come on India attack and destroy Pakistan, Don’t wait for 2019 lok sabha elections. Act now.

Jai hind.

From Rizwan, an indian who wants free and fair election and Progress of our country.
MD Rizwan S

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