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Lady Teacher pledges to donate her body to the medical science.

In a thanks giving gesture to God and society,  dr Sonal  pledged to donate her body for the research and study (after her death ) at University College of Medical Sciences on 22 March 2017. In a Symposium on organ Donation and Body Donation awareness - ORGANUM DONUM- - students initiative ,  in the August presence of Principal UCMS Dr V P Gupta, CDMO east Dr R K Sehgal. Dr Seeta Lakshmi, Joint Director, NOTTO, De Vishal Chadha, Vice President, Dadhichi DehDan Samiti. , and other faculty members and students of the UCMS.

Dr Sonal a schoolteacher by profession  cheered this initiative by her own Student Dr Abhishek Garg, President of the Student Union, UCMS.

Dr VP Gupta, principal of UCMS, applauded the role of Dadhichi DEhdan Samiti in medical education for providing and perusing the cause of cadaver donation. He said only working on the real human body is the the key for a good education to the medical professionals.

Dr vishal chadha , VP- Dadhichi Deh Dan Samiti presented the role of the Samiti as a bridge between the donor and the recipient i.e medical college or transplant hospital.

Dr Nitin Aggarwal reiterated the need of Organ Retrieval Center and awareness at all Govt medical Hospital to enhance the Organ transplants.

Alok Kumar, Advocate
Dadhichi Deh Dan Samiti

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