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Welcome to Team IAC and Join this movement with filling an short form

Welcome to Team IAC and thank you for joining this movement!

fill the farm nd add with movement-

By registering with IAC you have become an important and key player in the communication network of India Against Corruption (IAC). IAC is not an organization but a mass movement of people who care deeply about eradicating corruption in India. The success of this movement depends entirely on its volunteers — folks like you who are willing to lend their time and their talents to free India of Corruption.
How do we take our message to each and every household in India? Through people like you. You are the first level of communication for IAC. Since you are on the net, you will receive regular updates from us about the movement and also other important material. We request you to form a community of IAC in your own locality. These could be people who do not have access to the net (encourage those who have access to net to directly join IAC like you have done). Please discuss all IAC updates, material and activities in the community that you have formed. Try to reach every household in your locality and send us the feedback from your community.
As you know, the odds are heavily stacked against us as we embark on this historic mission. But we can make Lokpal a reality through a sustained campaign that takes this message to every nook and corner of India. Spread the word and together lets make the Jan Lokpal bill a reality!
Jai Hind!

ShRaVaN KuMaR ShUkLa
9716687283, 8957032135

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अच्छा है इस बहाने हमारा भी योगदान इस महा समर में हो गया .

Unknown said...

जी हाँ अशोक जी ... धन्यवाद ..