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Cover page of Journalist Manish Sharma’s another Fiction Novel released

The Journalist Manish Sharma with experience of 13 year, as an author, added another feather cap in his writing as his second fiction-real novel: I want to be Tendulkar’s cover page has been released today on Social Media and is being hailed by peoples in large number and discussed among the readers.The novel would be available in market almost with in one & half month and also on leading websites,like; Amazon &flipkart. Apart from that the novel would be available for the international audiencein various countries, and could be purchased through Amazon International website.

This is Manish Sharma’s second novel after his debut best seller the Love-All came in market almost three year back in 2013. By the way, I want to be Tendulkar is mix of fiction & real incidents which makes this novel unique. Along with the releasing of cover page, the author & the Publisher, Gyan Books pvt (Ltd) have given the rarest of the rare opportunityto the boys of age from 12 to 15 year to be published at the cover page of the book. This online competition will run almost for almost 25 days, and then winner name would be announced with his photo be published at the cover page.The author Manish Sharma says that this is too unique story and perhaps has never ever writer before the perception & outlook it is carrying. He says that he is confident that the readers of all age of group would like this unique story.

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