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दिल्ली से दारू दूर भगाने के लिए भाजपा नेता और वकील अश्विनी उपाध्याय ने केजरीवाल को लिखा पत्र


Hon’ble Chief Minister
Government of NCT of Delhi-110001
Subject: Ban on liquor and other intoxicating drinks

Dear Sir,

Provisions contained in Part-IV of the Constitution of India namely Directives Principles of State Policy and the principles therein laid down are nevertheless fundamental in the Governance and it is duty of the State to apply these principles in letter and spirit. Idea of prohibiting the Liquor is connected with public health and to enforce prohibition effectively, the wider definition of the word ‘Liquor’ would have to be adopted so as to include all alcoholic liquids which may be used as substitutes for intoxicating drinks, to the detriment of health.

Article 47 of the Constitution takes note of the fact that only medicinal preparations should be excluded in the enforcement of prohibition. Study shows that liquor consumption results in many physical and mental disorders like blackouts, memory loss, anxiety and permanent brain damage. Alcoholism affects behavior and ability to learn and remember. Drinking alcohol is the second biggest risk factor for mouth, throat and liver cancer. Alcohol causes hypertension, which increases the risk of heart attack. It also weakens heart muscles, which can affect the lungs, liver, brain and other body systems.

Alcoholism also results in kidney failure, impotence, infertility, weight gain, skin diseases and suicides. It is the root cause of most of the road accidents, road rages, crime against women, domestic violence, rapes and other social evils. Poor and economically downtrodden families become poorer due to Alcoholism and ultimately their family especially their children suffer a great loss.

Dear Sir,

I request you to take appropriate action to ban the Liquor and other Intoxicating Drinks and Drugs completely in NCT of Delhi in spirit of the Article 47 of the Constitution of India and make a Liquor- Free Delhi.

I also request you to implement the other provisions of the Part-IV of the Constitution in NCT of Delhi on top priority as the provisions contained in Part-IV of the Constitution of India and the principles laid down therein are nevertheless fundamental in governance of the State.

Thanks and Regards.

Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay
Office: Chamber-15, New Lawyer Chambers
Supreme Court of India, New Delhi-110001
Residence: G-284, Govindpuram, Ghaziabad-201013
# 08800278866, 09911966667,


The Chief Secretary
Government of NCT of Delhi, New Delhi-110001

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