Bhadas ब्लाग में पुराना कहा-सुना-लिखा कुछ खोजें.......................


एक और पत्रकार ने रिपब्लिक टीवी से दिया इस्तीफा, शशि थरूर हुए खुश, देखें ट्वीट

देखें शशि थरूर का ट्वीट

Shashi Tharoor @ShashiTharoor

Many young idealists are repelled by what they are being asked to do in the name of journalism. Some media owner-anchors may have no scruples, but morality & decency are basic human values & most people find it troubling to abandon them for a paycheque. #UDontHave2Lie4ALiving

Touched by the moral courage  of journalist Deepu Aby Varghese who resigned from @republic TV after being ordered to harass me at the Tvm Press Club. He approached me to apologise for his behaviour, as have some former employees of @TimesNow. Decency appreciated. @seegerblues

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