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After Patidar Andolan, one lac Muslims also gathered in Ahmedabad in the changing political climate to raise muslim issues

Ahmedabad: First time after 2002 , muslims of Gujarat shows their numbers in Ahmedabad on the occasion of 17th national convention of All India Milli council. Last timemuslims were gather in such mass scale when All India Muslim Personal Law Board hold the convention in Ahmedabad in 1992 before Babri Masjid demolition. speaking on the occasion , muslim political and religious leaders reiterated that intolerance and religious hatred are on rise . so , community should united against saffron outfits.

Agenda of convention was “ ittehad e millat” ( unity of community ). Despite that All India milli council passed a resolution during the “ijlas e aam” ( public gathering ) by raising hands against justice J B Pardiwala  of Gujarat High Court. Pardiwala observed and commented on polygamy in mulim personal law. Muslim leaders  and clerics shows angered against Pardiwala’s observation on muslim personal law. They demanded to delete controversial observation in the judgement of Jafer Abbas Merchant . otherwise ulema will start a movement against him. Dr. Manzoor Alam told we will not bear any interference in muslim personal law . Justice Pardiwala had made the remarks while hearing the Patidar leader Hardik Patel’s case . Justice Pardiwala said that “ corruption and reservation destroyed the progress of country. Later , he withdrawn his remarks after 58 MPs filed a notice in the Rajya Sabha for his impeachment.

Abu Asim Azmi ,Maharashtra Samajwadi  Party President said “ I still remember the cruelties of police in Mumbai riot after Babri Masjid demolition . I can realize your pain who are living under the shadow of fascist power since 2002. He appealed  the people to unite against political fascism and intolerance. Muslim should united to gain political power .

Former deputy speaker, K Rahman said “ we should understand the policy of RSS to divide muslims among shia , sunni , barelvi , devbandi etc. which is opened by Subramanneyam swami  during an interview. To unite the community is not a single day process , it’s a continuous 365 days process.  One lac Muslims gathered at Morarji Chowk , Bapunagar in Ahmedabad from all over Gujarat . which includes most of political leaders and clerics. Two thousand delegates came from outside Gujarat to participate in the convention. Irshad Mirza ,who is secretary of All India congress committee and core member of Rahul Gandhi team was present as chief guest of convention.Irsha Mirza is to be considered as chief opponent of Ahmed Patel, Sonia Gandhi’s political advisor. Most of muslim leaders from Gujarat congress were present in the convention except Ahmed Patel and national president of minority cell congress khursheed saiyed. when media  person asked about absent of Patel and Saiyed , KhadimLalpuri of Gujarat Milli Council replied " we dont want to indulge in any controversy so, avoided to invite them."

RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav and Teesta shitalvad were also invited to attend the programme  but due to police pressure organizers avoided the visit of Yadav and Teesta. Ghyasuddi sheikh , Daryapur MLA and convener of welcome committee for the convention said “ unity of muslims is must but a good relation with hindus also required to survive in a secular country. A lot of hindus came forward to fight against intolerance which is on rise in the country.

Mufti Rizwan Tarapuri , president of All India Milli Council ( Gujarat Chapter ) told we will work on community unity and will show the strength bigger than this before 2017 Gujarat Assembly election. Public raised the slogan against Kamlesh Tiwari of Hindu Maha Sabha who recently abused the prophet Mohammed . In the last of convention , Milli council demanded maximum punishment for Tiwari as per law.kaleem siddiqui, organizers of convention claimed that police were biased and established an unnecessary pressure on us . even they stopped us to raise Islamic slogans  while constitution permit it.

Maulana Abdullah Mughaisi , Dr. Zafrul Islam , Maulana kalbe sadique , Maulna Mustafa Rifai , Maulana Abdul Wahab khilji , Maulana Jalaluddin Umri , Mufti shabbir alam ( Imam shahi masjid , ahmedabad) , Peer Badre alam of shahe alam dargah , Maulan Rafiq Badodvi ,Abdul quddus Nadvi sahab , shakil Rajpu of  jamat e islami , MLA Ghyasuddin Shaikh , Irshad Mirza of AICC ,Advocate Iqbal Shaikh of waqf council were present as chief guest of the convention.

Mohammed kaleem siddiqui
Tarkash urdu fortnightly from ahmedabad
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