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DAVC Chd: Mockery of MBA degree: opening one institute inside another.

The Chairman
All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE),
Nelson Mandela Marg
Vasant Kunj, New Delhi-110067.
Phones: 011-26131576-78,80, Email:

Subject: Mockery of MBA degree: opening one institute inside another.


Previous venture of Dr. B.C. Josan (Principal, DAV College,
Chandigarh) to start MBA had failed to take off in 2009-10 because of
denial of affiliation by Panjab University on account of the fact that
the so called ‘Institute of Management’ opened within this college had
nothing of its own and everything including the land and
infrastructure actually belonged to the government-aided DAV College.
The obsession of Dr Josan, however, still continues, as the venture is
on anvil again, with AICTE Inspection Team visiting this college
tomorrow, i.e. March 16, 2017.

Multi-story block of DAV College, Chandigarh housing departments of
Information Technology, Computer Science and Geography and
facilitating classes of Commerce and English subjects under the
government’s grant-in-aid will be projected as independent ‘Institute
of Management’ to the AICTE Team. Photograph of the Information
Technology Building of DAV College converted into ‘Institute of
Management’ are attached. Teaching staff for MBA as displayed on the
Institute (see Photographs) is actually employed in the
government-aided DAV College (see pdf list).

It is learnt that in order to project parts of the government-aided
DAV College as an independent ‘Institute of Management’ and to
surreptitiously mislead the AICTE Team to make them construe this part
of DAV College Building as independent MBA Institute, ‘No Teaching’
has been declared in the College Campus on March 16, making students
of grant-in-aid courses suffer so that money-minting MBA Business
could make a successful beginning. Copy of the Notice No. NIL dated
15-03-2017 in this regard is attached.

DAV College gets 95% grant-in-aid from Chandigarh Administration and
its campus and resources cannot be misappropriated to establish a
private, self-financed institute inside it. If the ‘Institute of
Management’ failed on this account earlier leading to unwarranted
wastage of huge public money, how Dr Josan could afford to undertake
the same misdemeanor on public expenses again and for what reasons, is
known only to him and the DAV Management.

Media coverage of the academic fraud called ‘Institute of Management’
which was closed earlier in 2010 can be seen from the blog of the

Matter is being brought to your kind notice again, for your kind
perusal and appropriate action, with the hope that AICTE will initiate
action against the offenders before they succeed to get their illegal
and unlawful academic practices approved by this Apex Body.

Yours faithfully

Dr Rajinder K Singla
RTI Activist
#102, Sector 23-A, Chandigarh.
Mobile & WhatsApp: +91-9417538456

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