Bhadas ब्लाग में पुराना कहा-सुना-लिखा कुछ खोजें.......................


पत्रकार नीरज चौधरी के निधन पर ग्वालियर से रविशेखर की शोक संवेदना

Respected Yashwant Jee,
Congratulations For again starting of the "Bhadas".
Bhadas realy unique world for Young Journalist around allover the world. I really think that this blog is going to create new history in media feild.

I am feeling very sorrowful & really condolance about the death of Young Journalist Neeraj. I really happy that you are doing so much for him, and your step is really appreciable, And I am also looking forward to do some help. How I can help Please mail me.

Again Congrates for Bhadas!

Radio Chaska 95 FM & Dainik Navbharat
Gwalior (M.P)

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