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Simhastha Mahakumbh : Appeal to media persons

Bhopal : The ‘Indian Federation of Working Journalists’ (IFWJ) has appealed to media persons reporting the religious mega event of Simhastha Mahakumbh at Ujjain to respect the religious sensibilities of the people while filing their stories. Unnecessary ‘sensationalism’ and ‘derisive rationalism’ should be avoided as such matters are susceptible to hurt the religious sentiments of the believers.

Millions of the people from all over the globe have been congregating at Ujjain to have the dip in the Holy Kshipra and darshan of Mahakaal during the Mahakumbh. In a statement issued here today, the IFWJ Vice-President K. M. Jha has requested the Madhya Pradesh Government to provide full safety and security to journalists. He has also urged the government to ensure necessary facilities to journalists at Ujjain so that they may not have face any difficulty in carrying out their duties with sincerity and diligence.

K.M. Jha
Vice President – IFWJ

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