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 Justice Pritam Pal,  former   Judge of Punjab and Haryana High court
and former  Lokaukta of Haryana has decided to continue his fight
against corruption although in new Avatar .By enlarging area of his
fight he has   formed ‘Social Justice Front which will be formally
launched on auspicious day of 2nd October at Ladwa.A large number of
retired Judges, civil servants, social workers and journalists  have
also joined with him in his fight against  injustice of any kind
Pritam Pal .During his tenure  as Lokaukta this scribe who has
launched signature campaign for  empowerment of Lokaukta, has written
that  he was dummy having no powers. But within his limited powers he
had created history by ordering registration of cases   against six
legislators of ruling party including one Chief Parliamentary
Secretary for allegedly demanding money for getting permission for
change of land use .After writing the judgement which had put then
chief minister ,Bhupinder Hooda in a  very embracing  position,
Justice Pritam pal rang to this scribe telling that he had proved that
he was not dummy. Another landmark judgement was ordering enquiry into
ten thousands crores Rs. Value added tax scam involving top officer of
taxation department and several top cops.

Pritam Pal had told that  this  act was dummy regretting that during
his   tenure he wrote several letters to Govt. demanding more powers
like taking suo motto action on anonyms complaints etc. but nobody
listened to him. Shockingly present Chief Minister, Manohar Lal
Khattar who talks about zero tolerance on corruption   has   also not
empowered the office of Lokayukta .

With headquarters  at Panchkula, front will have district level units
.Pritam Pal  told that after getting  complaint front will  take up
the matter by  all means.  It will approach higher authorities, resort
to Dharna etc, and if need   seek judicial intervention. Front will
not accept any money from Govt. or corporate.Pritampal Pal l told that
during his tenure as Lokayukta he had felt that the  authorities
harasses people and there was rampant corruption which need to be
fought .People fear giving affidavit necessary or filing complaint
.Pritam Pal  has urged all right thinking person’s to join him in his
fight against injustice .Pritam Pal is author of book’ Power of
Thought ‘ and writing  another book  on his experiences during  his
tenure in Judiciary.

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