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“I’ve made my challenges a stepping stone to my success... RANNVIJAY”

“As a 14 year old kid, I had my future clearly written by my family. Write the NDA, clear the exam and crack the interview... I could not see a life beyond that. One day ROADIES came to me as a challenge. I didn’t know what it had in store for me. I took the challenge and went on for the Roadies Journey. Along the way, there were many obstacles and nerve breaking tasks to accomplish. Instead of stepping back, I faced every challenge. Today I know that I’ve made my challenges a stepping stone to my success.” said Rannvijay at the announcing the 2nd season of his adventure race Rocksport Challenge.
The modern lifestyle is distancing the kids from nature. They rarely get a chance to move out and to challenge their own self. Rannvijay Singh Singha the first winner and host of MTV Roadies who is now a successful bollywood actor has partnered with Rocksport, Asia’s largest in-school adventure camping company to organize and host Rocksport Challenge. Rocksport challenge is primarily an adventure racing event with a carnival for adventure lovers on its sidelines. The race is organised at Camp Tikkling, Gurgaon in the Aravali range which offer a hilly terrain through forests and villages. A 5 Km racing circuit is created with natural and artificial obstacles that require racers to climb hills, crawl through bushes, climb rope ladders and wriggle through slush. More than 5 lakh rupees worth of prizes it is the self respect that inspires the runners to take up the Rocksport Challenge.
After a global tour for his extreme sporting show RannVJRun, he shared his experiences and explained that “Extreme sports are not popular in our country. Kids today want to either “hang out” at a mall or “chill out” at a hookah bar. But it’s not their fault. They don’t have options. A lot of people abroad are into adventure. Rocksport challenge is an attempt to promote the same culture amongst Indian youth. I want to give an opportunity here in India to do what I experienced abroad.”
Since everyone may not want to start with something so extreme, one can challenge his fears by participating in other adventure sports too. Rocksport Challenge hosts an adventure carnival which offers activities like Rock climbing, Hot Air Ballooning, Quad Biking, Zorbing, etc to ensure that there is something for every age group in the family.
The first challenge which was organised in 2013 saw over 800 runners and 2000 others who witnessed the challenges set in Aravali hills. Rannvijay after personally completing all the challenges was seen giving adventure tips to the teams. Although, there were 8 only winners but every runner went home armed with a trophy of confidence. Rannvijay had organised a special adventure trip to The Last Resort, Kathmandu for these winners.
Rannvijay says that the race will inspire youth to achieve more than they think is possible. His own story from being an ordinary Delhite, to a successful actor and now an entrepreneur is an alibi to the fact.
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