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Cancer is curable

Now for the story of Dr. Siegfried Ernst...

During one of my interviews with Dr. Johanna Budwig at her home in Freudenstadt, the phone rang and a happy and lively interview in German ensued. In a few minutes Dr. Budwig asked me to come to the phone.

"Take the phone," she said. "This is Dr. Ernst, the friend I told you about. Speak with him and confirm anything you would like."
Our conversation lasted approximately ten minutes and I tried to remember as much as I could. Most of the facts had already been related to me by Dr. Budwig. When I returned to my hotel I jotted down whatever I could recall. The next day was Friday and I was scheduled to leave in the morning for Stuttgart. My return flight was on Sunday at eight in the morning. Because it required a very early wake-up and I did not want to risk missing it, I decided to arrive there a day early. After purchasing as many of Dr. Budwig's books as possible at a local apothecary, I took a taxi to the train station and was on my way. The plane that I had hoped to take was full, and I was advised that I would be able to get a flight out of Munich. On the way to Munich the train stopped at Ulm, which in our phone conversation, Dr. Ernst had mentioned was his home. I decided to get off the train and try to find him. Within an hour I had a hotel room and arranged to meet with Dr. Ernst the following morning.
I spent the day with Dr. Ernst who, though in his late seventies, seemed tireless. This is a rare, dedicated man in every possible way. He is devoted to family, church, city and humanity. He counted among his personal friends the present Pope and many other dignitaries. Although he is undoubtedly grateful to Dr. Budwig, he disagreed on various points with reference to her therapy being complete. He felt as I do, that if there is a large tumor, it should be removed without mutilation or incapacitation to the patient the reason being its tremendous toxic effect and thus incredible drain on our protective resources. I must remind you that Dr. Budwig is a purist with reference to the efficacy of her own therapy. She firmly believes that any failures are caused by non-compliance on the part of the patient or alterations in the protocol on the part of the physician. Although she may be correct, I prefer to use every possible safe and non-destructive technique on behalf of the patient against such a formidable enemy as cancer. I would happily change my mind if comparative studies were available. In early tumors, her therapy should be sufficient. It becomes a judgement call in referrence to surgery, but I personally reject chemotherapy or radiation almost without exception.
Dr. Ernst related in detail many fascinating episodes of his life. For this book, I will relate only the cancer story. He told me that seventeen years ago he had developed a cancer of the stomach for which he had major surgery. It had required removal of his stomach and left him with a great number of digestive problems and considerable debilitation. His professional life had virtually come to an end. He was approximately sixty years old at the time. He had great difficulty in continuing to practice medicine.
Two years later he had a recurrence of the cancer and was offered chemotherapy as the only available remedy. There was little hope for survival, and knowing that chemotherapy was not only ineffectual, but completely destructive of the quality of life, he refused. It was then that he turned to Dr. Budwig for help. For two years he religiously followed the dietary routine outlined in this book and , in addition, he used the application of the linseed oil to his body every evening. The oil was applied lo the abdominal area and wrapped with cloth bandages. He has since persisted in remaining true to the diet 95% of the time and continues the low fat cottage cheese and linseed oil daily. It has been fifteen years since the recurrence of the stomach cancer und the institution of the Budwig therapy. Dr. Ernst has had good quality of life except for relatively minor problems with eating and digesting food. The simple addition of digestive enzymes and other supplements have made his existence almost completely normal.
Virtually all individuals with a recurrence of this type of cancer rarely last a year. If they agree to chemotherapy, the time gained is negligible, and the side-effects from the chemotherapy makes it regrettable. Of course the establishment will dismiss the results as a "spontaneous remission" in spite of the fact that it is unheard of, except when patients go for simple alternative therapies. I seriously think that alternative (orthodox) physicians should create a specialist's designation and advertise themselves as "practice limited to spontaneous remissions." If a colleague attributed Dr. Ernst's results to happenstance, I am sure Ernst would answer in the polite German equivalent of "Why don't you come off it!"
Dr. Ernst's son, Martin, also a physician, joined us in the afternoon for several hours. I was saddened to find out that the physicians in Germany faced many of the same problems as doctors in the United States. I listened to the cases of physicians who brought their family members for successful non-establishment treatments, but renounced and refused those same remedies to their patients. I was angered at one story about a physician who had treated a child with leukemia with non-toxic natural remedies and was brought to court by the medical establishment. The parents had refused chemotherapy from another doctor and had requested the alternative therapy from the doctor who was now being charged with depriving the child of proper medical treatment. The child survived the same amount of time she would have on chemotherapy, without any of the debilitating, painful and dehumanizing effects.
Establishment medicine, with little or no evidence to support their barbaric use of these highly toxic drugs, continues to make fortunes while their patients spend their last days vomiting, debilitated, baldheaded and without dignity. While patients suffer from "cutting edge" therapy, the physician places his head comfortably on his pillow at night, content that he has served humanity with the best "anyone" has to offer. His dreams and his waking hours know nothing of the other world out there that has existed for five thousand years. Besides, how dare anyone suggest that a tribal medicine man or a dissident colleague could accomplish more. It is incredible to me that physicians could accept the fact that a single artificial chemical compound created in a laboratory could cure or control a disease and reject the idea that a natural food, with its many chemical compounds, could do the same or infinitely better.
Our conversation lasted for many hours and he confirmed much of what Dr. Budwig had told me and more. I recalled the many stories of patients she had treated. I had been made privy to her private papers. She carefully guarded the identity of her patients and I respected her all the more for it. My conversation with the incredibly kind and sensitive Dr. Ernst recanted some of the information and results I had learned in my visit with Dr. Budwig. I must admit that whatever skepticism I may have had when Dr. Budwig was emphatic that her diet actually prevented and cured cancer, disappeared after my memorable meeting with Dr. Ernst. He was both a colleague and a fellow cancer victim who had been truly cured, not just a five-year survival.

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