Bhadas ब्लाग में पुराना कहा-सुना-लिखा कुछ खोजें.......................



At an emergency meeting of the Executive Committee of the DUJ and NC members on Friday 19, 2016, it was decided to observe a “STOP PRESS BASHING DAY”  from 4 pm today to 4 pm on Saturday February 20, 2016. The meeting also approved of a memorandum that has been sent to the Press Council of India urging it to take suo-motu cognizance of the completely unprovoked thrashing of journalists in the Patiala House Courts on two consecutive days February 15 and 16, 2016.

The meeting expressed serious concern that the Delhi Police has still not arrested all those named in complaints filed by at least nine journalists and only arrested one person whom they let off on bail. We urge the police to take stern action against those named in complaints and those who are seen in video footage of the violence.

The meeting also expressed concern on the biased coverage of the JNU incident especially by Times Now, Zee News and NewsX, telecasting doctored video footage and declaring students anti-national for several days now and the whipping up of pseudo-nationalism by jingoistic anchors.

The meeting felt that in times of crisis the media has a greater responsibility to report objectively, without fear but also without favour and create an atmosphere conducive to calm contemplation. We urge our colleagues in the electronic media to not resort to whipping up frenzy in their race for TRPs.

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