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अब तो दुनिया कहने लगी...जय भड़ास, जय भड़ास...यकीन न हो तो नीचे की चिट्ठी, आलेख और न्यूज पढ़िए

Dear Yashwantji,

This newsletter has reference to your blog Bhadas. I have given even its link referring to an item about Narendra Modi. This is just for your reference. You can all issues of the newsletter from the archive of the newsletter.I had written a letter to you. I am still waiting for the reply.

Yogesh Sharma


Lets Continue Blog Talk

Last week I wrote about blogging. This week I have lot of stuff to continue the blog talk. I also have Big B talking about blogging! He is in a way promoting the idea of blogging. He may have different mission, but the result is blogging.

A lady journalist based in Mumbai, beautiful and successful-to use her own expression, sent URL of her blog on first day itself. Binu shared with me his experience of blogging and he is sad that pressing assignments are killing his passion for blogging.

I was struck by two incidence of power of blog this week.

There is a blog Bhadas. About 250 others, mostly journalists, use Bhadas as a common platform to express themselves in all shades of vocabulary. Yashvant was the first and the only person to write about what happened at the meeting of Gujarati Samaj. Boycott of Narendra Modi's function by the media was on this blog alone. You can read it in detail in the newsletter. So if the newspapers and others do not express, use the blog.

In another incident, a staff member of Delhi office of Indo Asian Newspaper Service (IANS) used his resignation letter for his outburst against the editor of the Hindi service. What is more? He put the resignation letter on the blog.

Considering all this, at the last minute on Thursday evening I decided to focus more on blogging. And, this time also the newsletter is being released on Thursday night!!!!! I call it law of inertia in real life. Many self improvement experts are minting money for suggesting tips to get over this tendency which is called procrastination in the new age parlance.

Please use the newsletter blog to interact with friends and share your views and experiences with them. My Hindi blog also has some of the media stuff in Hindi besides other items of light reading.अरे बाबा एक बार तो देखो मेरे ब्लोग को !!!!!!

Have A Happy Reading.
With love
Yogesh Sharma

Media Newsletter
Issue 8
April 24, 2008

In The Blog Wonderland

Last week Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi had couple of non government engagements in Delhi. One of them was his felicitation by Gujarati Samaj. Our friend Nilesh Shukla who looks after Gujarat's media relations in Delhi for more than a decade asked Delhi media to cover the function.

However, at the venue it was chaos. No arrangement for media. Oraganisors checked media like sleuths. Confrontation was the natural outcome. Friends pulled all strings. Nilesh was at the airport. However, friends managed entry using BJP headquarters contacts.

Inside, trouble began afresh. Friends and fans of Modi began protesting the position of cameramen. They shouted and yelled. We do not want you, was the cry. Media persons looked around. They could not make out whether was looking at them or had a blank stare. They retreated in protest. But there was none to stop him. Certainly there could be no worse instance of humiliation of invited media.

All knew that there protests would meet the same fate in their own office. But Yashwant Singh of Bhadas was prompt to put the matter on his blog in his own way within two hours of the incident. He also predicted that this would not appear anywhere.

The URL of the blog of this news is

Certainly, for anyone blog is expression unlimited globally except in China and some other countries.

Almost the same day I encountered another post on Bhadas. It was a resignation letter of a staffer of IANS Swatantra Mishra. It had outburst against editor of the Hindi section of the IANS Arun Anand. Some may find such an action improper, but in a fast moving word this is a way to raise voice.

With Love,

Yogesh Sharma

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