Bhadas ब्लाग में पुराना कहा-सुना-लिखा कुछ खोजें.......................



Inspiration for doing something unique always comes in mind through incident. Such kind of incident happened with Piyush Kumar Goel in 2000, when he was going somewhere on his vehicle. He met with an accident and his family members admitted him to a hospital. Due to this major accident every member of his family was scared and praying to god for his life. Started writing in speedPiyush said, "When I was in the hospital my best friend came to meet me. He gave me the Bhagavad Gita and as I had nothing special to do I started to read it. Then suddenly, I got the idea to write in mirror image way. During bed rest, I had generated the unique skill of writing words in a reverse way and with the help of practice, I have started writing in this way in speed."
Writing biography of Sai Baba"In 2003, I had completed reverse word version of the Bhagavad Gita in English and Hindi language. Apart from them, I have also written Durga Kavach in the same way in Hindi language, in which I have written around 3 lakh words. Now I am busy in writing biography of Sai Baba, which will be covered in 260 pages. 30 more pages are left to be written.

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