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कुछ मेल की बातें, आप भी जानें

from Sachin Tyagi (
date 18 Mar 2008 00:47
subject bhadas member

dear sir,
mai sachin tyagi. aajkal meerut i next mai crime reporter hu. bhadas ka member banna caahta hu. jyaadi abi kuch jaanta nhi. to sir plz guide me .

sachin tyagi



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kimuza creations


Hindi Blog Seva

from Jai Hindi (
date 18 Mar 2008 07:52
subject Hindi Blog Seva

Dear Friend

V have started Hindi Blog Service on our site-
Our focus is to interact a large Hindi community with Corporate, Entertainment World and Satellite Channels,

So Hindi people can echo their voice up to them and Hindi can become a medium of getting a job in any sector.

If U feel that TV Channel's, Corporate, Mobile Companies, Private Banks, and other consumer related companies who are earning Millions and Billions through a big Hindi speaking belt, are not promoting Hindi in their service, U must raise ur voice. Once Hindi people like U started writing in Hindi about their poor services and other related issues, they will bound to bother to respect Hindi in their organisation.
We have experienced this in various big companies and it has generated job opportunities for Hindi people.

Pls give ur suggestions, Feedback and critical view also, to make this site more impressive and user friendly.

With in a short span of time (10 Months of launched) this site is emerging rapidly on and all the News Channels, Tv Channels Corporate sector, AD Agencies are contacting us to give more feedback about their programmes, Ads, Products- means you can make your voice in Hindi it wont go unheard in Corporate World.

Thanks and Regards,
Shivani Joshi
Satellite Media


डॉ.रूपेश श्रीवास्तव(Dr.Rupesh Shrivastava) said...

दादा,बच्चा लोग जो ब्लागिंग-ब्लागिंग खेलने के इच्छुक हैं उन्हें अपने पास रेफ़र कर देने का अपुन बराबर उनको मकध्वज की गोली देकर ताकतवर भड़ासी बना डालेगा....

Unknown said...

dr. sab ek dva vh bhi dena ki bcha log shighrptn ka shikar n ho....jay...jay..jay...