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Akram Butt

Akram Butt learned classical music and made several compositions in different Ragas. Radio Kuwait's Urdu service recorded some of his Gazals which are amazing.

His style of singing gazals is classical and reminds of great Patial gharana singers.He is impeccable when it comes to Raagdari.Great singer,poet and composer.He is one of the few today who can sing gazal the way ustaads used to sing.

Akarm Bhatt - Raag Hindol

Akarm Bhatt - Raag Abhogi Kanhra



Iqbal Bano 

Iqbal Bano (1935 - 21 April 2009) was a highly acclaimed female Ghazal singer from Pakistan. She was best known for her semi-classical Urdu gazal songs and classical thumris, but also sang easy-listening numbers in 1950s films.Iqbal Bano was born in Delhi, British India. From a young age, she developed a love for music.Ustad Chaand Khan referred her to All India Radio, Delhi, where she sang on the radio.

In light classical, her presentation of Thumris in raags Khammach (kahay sataey mohe), Tilak Kamode (sautan ghar na ja), Des (Naheen parey mohe chaen), Peelo (gori torey naina karaj bin kalay) and others are renderings which have become all time great.


MARKAND DAVE :- DT:- 17-05-2011.

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