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The Rushdi festival-12@Jaipur, UP and delhi.

The Rushdi festival-12@Jaipur, UP and delhi.
Literature festival dead on the cutter of Rushdi. No doubt Ruhdi is prominent writer and thinker. But while the festival media played only with Rushdi, like will Rushdi come?, will Rushdi chat, will Rushdi address through VC, will Rushdi’s stanzas allowed to recite? Etc.etc. But with this media coverage where was festival ? I think this was tough to know, what happened there, and how much people were presented. Through the festival we have some observations to review the whole phenomenon of the festival, why media played with only Rushdi’s concerns, why government both state and center did such?, why another writers are not been in discussion? Many f questions are arisen while the fest. Let we see now into the rehearsal of Media, Politics, Writer and the common man.
1. Media- It has no brain to cover fest, because they do not like to show only chidia, chunmun, patte, pattiyan, nadiyan, fool, prem, gulab, khushbu etc. very heavy words and no mass concerns are there. So media was very worry about the fest, while fest was an international prominent event, so naturally it has to be covered by media, but the problem is what viewers, listeners, reader, page viewers will get. Are they all be interested to know content of the fest. When it was negative that several people are not liking about fest’s content than media hyped the issue. It was the over all roll of media.
2. Party- To look ahead elections no party was ready to perches in cash animosity to the community Musilms. Congress played to come out from the crease and shot six out of boundary. SP, BSP and so on are not also interested to allow Rushdi to come India, BJP as all time confused, it repeats itself as confusion on the issue. Congress goaled really exactly into the net via Rushdi. Though it started controversy to get in the knowledge of all Muslims that everything can be in India if you will not be us, congress actualize this to the minority community that their real well wisher is congress. Congress gets its own object, BJP failed while it could not unveiled the real face of the government either state or center. Another parties do not know about the national concerns, they are larking only voter anyhow.
3. Writers- There were more than thousand prominent writers but only three person could be known among the public. Rushdi got great fame as more as he did not through ban book. But Ruchir also got something behind it, he gets fame as fearless writer who tried to recite satanic verses. And third is Sanjay Roy, who was key organizer. And no one is there who can be in the line of media. What concludes this actually. Writers are motivated to write something like disputing, controversial, objectionable, revolutionary etc. what with they all go back? All writers know very firmly that with out writing some sensational never become Rushdi. So consequence is fest promote writer to write something like it. Fest become totally diverted. I claim it is not good for any democracy where a person who written something against the community and will ban like Bangldesh. It is monarchy of congress and government like china who encroached Tibbat and exile the Dalai Lama, same as same did Bangladesh who exiled Taslima Nasreen. It is very embarrassing.

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