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Its proper to talk about women's rights, but in this euphoria we are forgetting that all individuals (whether men or women) are equally susceptible to victimization and crime by others. It is time that as a progressive society we talked about gender neutral laws. In the ongoing hype about "laws for women", We tend to forget that women may also be responsible for perpetuating crime. When laws tend to be overtly skewed in favor of one gender its bound to be misused.

Don't men have any rights ? Its time to think on these lines.

Even when we frame such laws, a penalty clause must be there, that if the accusation is found to be false then the complainant would have to pay damages to the accused. Women activists and NGO may not agree, but the reality is that the country's most famous dowry case has fallen in courts. One can see this by a simple google search. (NISHA SHARMA DOWRY CASE Ghaziabad)

Reality Crime Shows like Crime Patrol, CID and Savdhaan India show that both men and women are equally involved in crime. Statistics from National Crime Records Bureau are no different. (www [dot] NCRB [dot] IN )

Unwarrantably harsh / skewed laws would actually prove to be counter - productive. This country has already seen this in past. The Dowry Act and the Domestic Violence Act is a testimony to it. Even The Supreme Court has acknowledged this on many counts. I am already hearing from Siddharth Murarka about businesses / professionals rooting out women from employment.

This trend is bound to grow. For the fear of repression and misuse is very high.

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