Bhadas ब्लाग में पुराना कहा-सुना-लिखा कुछ खोजें.......................



IPL SEASON -3 big name big fame and everything as a spectator wants to find out in and out the field . cheer leaders is going to keep u crazy in the field and the dan danaa dan four and sixes by batsman will really cherish the moment of your life which is hectic and busy . wanna a seat beside Shahrukh , Juhi, Shilpa or Nita lose your pocket and do the dinner and gossip . The dashing wordological commentary team of Harsha, siddhu Gaurav and koacher, will flourish your articulation in Indian accent but last twos have no cricketing sense but pleading the comments and making some wow moments . By seeing the bikni of cheerleaders you will really feel yourself somehow in the heaven .

Now you are developing the thinking that a bad guy is trying to sketch the bad impression of this glittering world of this India . No way........ sorry to hurt ur feelings. but the truth is beyond our imagination . woman reservation bill has passed in the Rajya sabha ,sonia is haapy it is candid .she is being praised and it is said that this would be remembered as the history of India . but the woman world of India is not going to change any how in any circumstances . who is taking care of that woman who is dying of hunger and malnutrition. All these charismatic thing is only the example of all the glitters is gold .

Dada is diving to stop the ball and to save his prestige as a successful captain .on the other hand yusuf hits a cracking 37 ball century who becomes a failure after being selected in one day cricket . I will not make you fool they are taking hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee amount of money that's why these things are happening .The worth of this IPL investment is in crores which is of no use neither it is going to search out the new talents nor going to do the charity .what is of those (farmers) people who are committing suicide day by day due to being in debt .

"Everything is changing with the changing of the time" but the changing is not for those who are hungry and poor, who are in debt and in huts and living the life on less than 20 rupees a day's wage .They are not knowing the roundabout's of IPL or the policy of polishing the vote bank policy of our aam aadmi's government .these glittering things are of no means for them who slept hungry by feeding their child a piece of bread because of their poverty.

Was i sleeping or unconscious ? perhaps it was my dream of that English class in which my mentor always used to start teaching by writing a proverb for a day "All the glitters is not gold " sorry sir ......... these days "All the glitters is gold"

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