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Biography of Dr. Johanna Budwig

I gladly announce that Biography of Dr. Johanna Budwig is going to be published in Health of India as Cover Story. Definitively Budwig Protocol is a miracle cure for cancer with documented 90% success if you follow this treatment perfectly and religiously. This treatment targets on prime cause of cancer. Prime cause of Cancer is oxygen deficiency in the cells. Two factors are essential to attract oxygen in the cells: 1- Sulfur containing protein (found in cottage cheese) and 2- some unknown fat which nobody could identify until 1949 when Dr. Budwig developed paper chromatography technique to identify fats. These fats were Alpha-linolenic acid and linoleic acid found abundantly in FLAX OIL. Thus she developed Cancer therapy based on Flax oil and cottage cheese.   Click here to download Dear Friends, If anybody wants to have hard copy of this issue, you may get from Mr. Mohit chaturvedi on his mobile (09314937709 or 09309291100) or email ( Cost is Rs. 60/- + courier, if applicable. In Jaipur no courier charges.Thanks. Dr. O.P.Verma
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  • Brent Wilcox im telling you this lady was WAY WAY WAY AHEAD OF HER TIME...the body was set up to heal itself...Dr. Budwig understood this to be true...i have researched her and the Budwig Center, this proves that cancer is curable WITHOUT chemotheraphy!!!
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  • Inge Kalkhoven I agree Brent
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  • Kelly Madsen Holmes I Love Her!!! I am so Grateful for her, she's Awesome!!!
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  • Kelly Madsen Holmes Great job on cover story !!
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  • Om Verma Friends, the cover story includes her biography, some quotes, protocol in brief, some testimonials, biography of Mr Lothar Hirneise and 5 important herbs used in Cancer e.g. Dandelion, Mulberry, Milk Thistle, Stinging Nettle and Essiac tea
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  • Om Verma Even cover page looks awesome. It is for the first time thart Budwig appears on cover page of an Indian magazine. How thrilled and excited I am.!!!
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  • Om Verma I definitely agree with Brent Wilcox. In my opinion Budwig was the best scientist of the era. It is very sad that no body worked on Quantum Biology after her demise.
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    • Brent Wilcox sadly, she has not been recognized for her INCREDIBLE work in curing cancer here in America due to the fact that there is no money to be made in curing cancer...America allows you to llive with illnesses...Dr Budwig has proven it can be is obvious her work was outstanding....7 times nominated for the Nobel Prize! 
  • Lothar Hirneise Thanks Dr. Verma for this!!!
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  • Om Verma Friends we are lucky to have Lothar Hirneise in our group. He has worked with Johanna Budwig for several years. He says that he is student of Budwig. But he is actually the successor of Dr Budwig. He has developed a nice Budwig Center in Germany. Heart of his famous 3E Program is Dr Budwig's Oil-Protein Diet.
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  • Subasni Balakrishnan Shalini Arumugam ths is the one I told u
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  • Inge Kalkhoven Good to know that there is a budwig centre in Germany i thought there was only one in spain
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  • Brent Wilcox yes, i thought the only one was in spain....nice to learn more about the budwig center!
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