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काटजू बोले- राहुल गांधी डफर!

Markandey Katju : The Heir Apparent of Congress.. I heard Rahul Gandhi's speech to Congress party workers In Mathura on T.V.. It confirms my opinion that he is a duffer. He said that Congress DNA is in all of you. Is this the DNA of scams and looting the country? He sad he is from Allahabad and Kashmir. Out of my 69 years I have lived perhaps 55 years in Allahabad, but I never saw him in Allahabad..

And how many years has he lived in Kashmir? He made meaningless references to his father and Steve Jobs And this is the man ( sorry boy ) whom his mother, the self proclaimed Empress of India wants to thrust down the throats of Indians. Hari Om

फेसबुक से.

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