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Happy Diwali

Wish you all a very very happy Diwali.
Every body expecting a miracle in his life. He wants to live better life than he is living today He wants to fulfill all his dreams And the most important thing is
“Everybody wants to become Somebody”
This is an opportunity for everybody and i wish to share with all of you. If you like it please contact me. But if you think this is an advertisement, or scheme, or something etc. Etc. please don’t bother see to the left hand side of your mailbox there must be a button called “delete” please use it. Nobody will question you? Because this is your choice to accept an opportunity or not.
Thank you.
“Always be positive and think different”
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हिज(ड़ा) हाईनेस मनीषा said...

विवेक बाबू कभी गलती से उसे भी शुभकामना दे देना जिनकी तुलना कभी आप शहीद भगत सिंह से किया करते थे.....। शायद याद न आ रहे हों मैं याद दिला देता हूं उनका नाम है हरभूषण सिंह। अब कुछ याद आया विक्की भइया या बस अपने धंधे की ही प्रमोशनल बातें पेले रहना है???

हिन्दी - इन्टरनेट said...

आपको सपरिवार दीपावली व नये वर्ष की हार्दिक शुभकामनाये