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Read this carefully

You’ve probably heard people saying things like ……

Money doesn’t grow on trees

We can’t afford it

We are poor but we are happy

Money is not everything

You must have money to make money

Money is the root of all evil

Rich people are unhappy

If you are rich, you can’t be spiritual

These are poverty beliefs.

If your conscious and subconscious mind accept these beliefs, they will become the magnets that hold you from having the kind of wealth you desire while repelling you away from money.Your belief creates your reality. If you have poor money beliefs, you will attract to yourself the kind of job, business, people and events that reflect these beliefs.

The ‘best’ part is you have attracted so many evidences of poor money beliefs into your life that you are convinced by your circumstances and your experiences that these poor money beliefs are correct! subconscious mind for wealth

When someone tells you that it’s easy to make money, you choose to regard this statement as a fantasy or a scam instead of a new belief for you.

Another reason for lack of money is due to poor self beliefs. You need to belief that you deserve to have a lot of money. This is how you can use your subconscious mind for wealth. subconscious mind for wealth

While you can be a magnet to money by having prosperous beliefs about money, it is possible that when the money is ready to come to you, you on the other hand, are not ready to accept it.

I’ve seen people who are very good in certain area of work, such as web design or photography, but they have never thought of converting their hobbies into a source of income for them. They feel that it is something simple and they shouldn’t charge people for their services. subconscious mind for wealth

I’ve also seen many people who write very good ebooks and distribute them free over the net. Unless you have other intentions, you shouldn’t give your ebooks for free. After all, you have spent time and effort on the ebooks and you deserve to be paid!

Dr. Joseph Murphy, the author of The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind, said that Wealth is ultimately nothing more than a subconscious conviction on the part of the individual. He is absolutely right!

As long as subconsciously you believe in financial abundance and you believe that you deserve to be paid more for less, money will come to you in avalanches.

Let me clarify what I mean. subconscious mind for wealth

1. When I say “you deserve to be paid more for less”, I’m not saying that you can get money for nothing. If you really do that, such money will not be with you for long. The proper way to get more money is to create more values for other people and exchange these values for money. These values can be tangible or intangible.

2. When I say “money will come to you in avalanches”, please understand that money may come to you in different forms. It may not be in the form of a pay check. Therefore, do not restrict the way money come into your life.

Here are some positive money beliefs that you can affirm to your subconscious mind for wealth.

Everyday I'm growing richer

I love money. Money loves me.

Making money is fast and easy.

I enjoy the process of making money.

I am born to be rich.

I spend and give away my money wisely and

money flows back to me multiplied.

I provide tremendous values to the society.

In return, I get back tremendous wealth.

When money starts flowing into your life, remember to keep circulating it back into the society. Money is like your blood, it must be circulated in order to keep yourself financially healthy.

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