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चूतिया कौन

१। if india attacks on ISI, don't u think ISI will fight within india as more bomb blasts, coz still we hav not tightened internal security, we still have to define terrorism(MADAK DRAVYA , NAKALI NOTE, HATHIYARO KE SODAGAR etc) and our police is needed to open all old Files and catch and sentence them।

२। why not should we understand that most of our respected leaders of all the sectors of our life are DOGLE and have worked and talked like CHUTIYAA in all of their life... i have some EXAMPLES as QUESTION on their DESHBHAKTI

  • WHEN polticians meet SWAMI RAMDEV G he expresses well respect in all of his speeches, even if all of them are GHOTALEBAAJ and LOKTANTRA KE KODH. and when he has no politician in front of him he shouts on politicians. is not all of those SWAMIS chutiyaas.
  • Indias most spiritual leaders from last so many decades are the same CHUTIYAAS , coz i have read the same about MACHAAN WAALE BABA and so many of past and present BABAs.
  • Mrs. bachchan supports Samajwaadi party. the party supports SIMMI. now how dare hr HE complains for ATANKWAAD.
  • Being an MP, SANSAD se gayab rahna bhi to ek prakaar ka small size desdroh hai. and so many cricketers, bollywoodians do it.

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अंकुर माहेश्वरी said...

i hv nt read ..this thing..
but ..obviously ..the janta is chutia .. in rajsthan ..golma devi has become the minister is very upsetting for me ..
what the bloody sit is gonig on in this country