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"With Malice Towards None & All"

"हिन्दी में ना जाने क्यों विचारों का वो प्रवाह नही मिल पा रहा था, जिससे कि मै अपनी बात को सही से अभिव्यक्त कर पाता, इसी लिये काफ़ी अर्से बाद आज अंग्रेजी में पोस्ट कर रहा हूं।"

From the past one month or so I have been a silent spectator of the cold war which is happening in the hindi blogosphere? People are fighting it out hard with a volley of words with each other. One thing is for sure, no one is concerned about what he or she wants to achieve as an objective out of Independent blogging, rather they are concerned about what other people are doing or saying in their space?

I dont understand one thing, instead of staying focussed on what one wants to do, why are people getting distracted by things which should hardly matter to any one? Its a free world, any one is free to write anything? Usage of foul language is certainly something which one cant be appreciative of, but still there might be certain times where without venting out your ire in the form of abusive language you might not get the kind of satisfction that you want to achieve. I am not trying to be the devils advocate and start a new controversy but I am also not in complete favour of use of abuses. In the past there have been certain debates which are going no where? I have not been able to understand why this cold war is going on? On popularity charts if Bhadas supercedes any other personal or a group blog it shouldnt bother any one. We as people should rather concentrate on achieving the objectives of our own satisfaction out of blogging? These baseless or I should say needless controversies will not lead any of us any where? At the end of the day if one blog is closed there are loads of other ways? It might take people to get over with the jolt but sooner or later they might come back and this time may be with more vengeance. Who knows? Lately I have been my self very disappointed, and it kind of demotivated me to write anything.This is an illusionistic space why are we spoiling our own self by getting involved in these things. Are there lesser things to focus on? NO.Guys its time to grow up and think constructively. Dont get distracted by what ppl have to say about anyone. I certainly dont want to be a part of any controversy, it was just some thoughts which suddenly sparked off and i posted it "With Malice towards None and All"
Just do it? And be cool.


Ankit Mathur

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