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Bhopal new battleground of Hindi newspapers

Soorma Bhopalis are faced with a new challenge. Its media challenge. Last month the Madhya Pradesh capital saw Nav Dunia hitting the stands. A new avtaar of Nai Dunia. Today, Rajathan Patrika is to flood the market. It is also under a new label. Patrika and not Rajasthan patrika. The two newspapers from established groups are a tough challenge to both Dainik Bhaskar and people of Bhopal who have a variety of choice. The new names Nav Dunia and Patrika are a mystery for people. Probably they want to make a new beginning on a new pitch. Certainly a great idea to try to beat Bhaskar in its name game. When Bhaskar launched Gujarati edition in Ahmedabad, Dainik Bhaskar appeared as Divya Bhaskar. It really needed some divya hand to beat the monopoly of Gujarat Samachar. Even though Bhaskar is completing five years in Gujarat and has been instrumental in bringing lots of change in Gujarati media right from salaries of Gujarati journalists to content variety and presentation, the fact remains Gujarat Samachar remains at the top. Lets see, how patrika and Nav Dunia and Patrika wrestle with Bhaskar to gain control of Soorma Bhopali.

journalists must read Indlish by Jyoti Sanyal

Mrityunjay Bose Principal Correspondent Maharashtra Herald, Mumbai has suggested that journalists must read Indlish by Jyoti Sanyal (Viva Books). The book is about writing simple English. Its author is late Jyoti Sanyal who worked for 30 years with 'The Statesman' (Kolkata) and then became Dean of Asian College of Journalism, Bangalore. He had also compiled The Statesman Style Book, one of most authentic stylebooks for news rooms. He also devoted quite some time for The 394 page book is priced Rs 295.



डॉ.रूपेश श्रीवास्तव(Dr.Rupesh Shrivastava) said...

कुछ इधर की ..... कुछ उधर की....
The 394 page book is priced Rs 295.
एक पेज पिचहत्तर पैसे का है... पढ़ लो भाई... और क्या अब जान लेने का इरादा है??

Unknown said...

भाइ कुछ भी हाे पत्रकार िमत्राें के िलए एक अनुभव है फायदा उठा लें